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H.C Andersen is one of the most famous fairytale writers of all times. He lived from 1805 to 1875 and lived his life travelling and experiencing the world. His fairytales has had influence all over the world and has been translated to over 100 different languages.

H.C. Andersens birthplace is placed in the center of Odense city in Den- mark, and just beside it lies the H.C Andersen Museum.This place attracts thousands of visitors every year, but the museum and the expectations of the visitors don’t match up.The visitors want fairytales and magic in the museum.

The main concept and idea of this proposal is to create a museum that gives the visitors the opportunity to step into a magic place where fairytales come true and at the same time be a place for telling the stories and facts of H.C. Andersens life.

Every visitor finds and chooses his or hers own way through the museum. You can choose the big black door and suddenly you will find yourself in a room filled with enormous fir trees and you will hear the story of The Fir Tree being whispered between the trees as you walk by.Then you can crawl through to the next room with mirrors on all walls and you will meet The Emperor’s in his New Suit. If you open a new door you will stand in the hall and see at the other visitors that is about to read and learn about the age and the life of H.C. Andersen.











The museum is build up like a maze.The hallways create the main flow through the building and in the different building volumes there will be different parts of the museum.The middle volume is thought as The Main Experience Space. In this volume you will have the possibility to walk from room to room and experience a new fairytale in a new way.The idea in this experience space is that every room has it’s own amazing architectural/art installations that tells H.C.Andersens fairytales with sound,visuals,volumes, smells and texture.

The idea with the architecture is to create a building that has a feeling of being part of the garden outside.The volumes are made of a frame con- struction that allows interesting lights to fall into the building.This transpar- ency also gives the feeling of being outside when you are inside.The garden outside the new museum stretches out and connects to the surrounding through an interesting path. A pathway that begins inside the building from the hallways. 

Et samarbejde mellem Didrik Moe Lianes, Hanne Naustvik Sundalskleiv og Mie Dinesen